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f t〓he Philippin◆es. "We have es○tablished p○artnership with● almost all the◆ major local● players, inclu●

ding DIGITEL, PLDT/■Smart, Globe and B◆ayan

鬭mounted t●o $23.3 bill●ion in 2008, w■ith 75 percen〓t coming fr◆om overseas market●s."Last year,● we maintained ●a solid and healt◆hy growth," S◆un said in the em〓ail. She sa●id Huawei's con●tract sales ar●e expected to i●ncrease 28.8 p○ercent to $30○ billion in 2○009.The wo〓rldwide economi

c s●lowdown has prompted■ many telecom ope〓rators to trim spe〓nding growth, re◆sulting in a f〓all in demand ●of new equipm◆ent from suppliers,■ includi


ications," said ○Yang confid○ently. "At presen■t, Hua

ng Er○icsson and Nokia● Siemens Network●s.The more ●price competitive Ch●inese telecom equi■pment makers such 〓as Huawei and ZT●E Corp are in a bet○ter position th〓an their foreig〓n counterparts to● compete in

t〓he international 〓marketplace.Chinese○ telecom equi●pment maker Huawei T〓echnologies said ◆yesterday its net p■rofit jump〓ed 20 percent i■n 2008, dri●ven by stron○g overseas sales● in emerging○ markets and im■proved pro●fit margins.Its ro■bust profit growth○ is in star

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〓t in the loca■l market can simult○aneously

k co◆ntrast to other glob〓al telecom gear make●rs who have all repo●rted plunging● profits or h●uge losses a◆mid the global ■financial c◆risis.The Sh〓enzhen-based com○pany, now the world'■s third biggest tel◆ecom gear ma●ker, chalked〓 up $1.15 bi●llion in net i■ncome for 2008 agai■nst $957 million in?/p>

?2007, while its rev○enue surged 43 p●ercent from a year ○earlier to $18.3 bil■lion."This is● actually a f◆ast growth ○fig

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ervice for〓 more than 2●0 millio

ure conside●ring others are in ○sharp decline," sa○id Duncan C◆lark, chair○man of BDA China, a■ leading consulti○ng and market r●esearch firm tha●t focuses on the te●lecom, media ○and technology s〓ectors.Huawei'●s operating profit○ margin increas〓ed by 3 pe●rcentage points to ●13 percent, the 〓company ye●sterday sai■d in its annual r■eport.Related○ stories:SHENZHEN,● Feb. 18 (Xinhua

n users," h?/h4>

) ●-- Telecom n◆etwork equipment ●giant Huawei T●echnologie■s and U.S. securi○ty software ma◆ker Symant○ec Corp. have laun●ched a joint vent◆ure

in sout◆hwest China.●The new company, ○Huawei-Symantec Inc.◆, based in 〓Chengdu in the sou■thwestern Sichuan

Pr■ovince, is ■51 percent owned by○ Huawei and 49 p●ercent by Symantec.〓 It features servi○ces in storage and◆ Internet safety.H?/p>

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